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Rina Quinlan


Rina is a wildlife guide and researcher focusing on rewilding, reintroductions and large herbivores. Currently undertaking a PhD at the Centre of Quaternary Science, based at Royal Holloway, University of London, Rina is studying the impacts of megaherbivores in rewilding, and the case for Elk and Bison in Britain.

Rina divides her time between research, guiding safaris at Knepp, helping to manage the Knepp Exmoor pony herds and additional consultancy and writing projects. Rina is particularly interested in the study of past ecosystems and how introductions of megafauna and keystone species can restore natural processes and help recover complex, nature rich ecosystems.

Rina is Co-Chair and Founder of the Large Herbivore Working Group, Chair of Sussex Mammal Group and sits on Sussex Beaver Partnership and the South East England Pine Marten Working Group.

She has spent time living in Borneo and trekking throughout Asia. But, more recently, her fascination with rewilding has seen her travelling throughout the UK and Europe to learn from different restoration and rewilding projects

“Growing up in Sussex, I have enjoyed many encounters with nature in this beautiful county but none as spectacular as when I am spending time at Knepp. The rewilding project here gives an incredible insight into how our wildlife can flourish when left to the hands of nature and it is so exciting that a project of this scale can be created in South East England.”


Our 12+ Policy

Knepp Wildland Safaris and campsite are all about the quiet and patient observation of nature.

Some of the species we are likely to encounter are shy or can be frightened by loud noises or sudden movements. Our campsite with open-air fire-pits, wood-burning stoves and an on-site pond is unsuitable for small children.

For this reason, our safaris, holiday cottages and campsite are suitable only for children of 12 and over.

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