Public Footpaths & Bridleways


There are 16 miles of public and permissive footpaths within the Knepp Rewilding project, which covers an area of 3,500 acres, and five tree viewing-platforms, close to public footpaths, offering wonderful panoramas of the surrounding countryside. There is also a bird-hide overlooking Knepp Lake.

We provide a map with several circular walking routes of differing lengths, featuring sites of interest and local pubs.

We also have Ordnance Survey maps with Knepp at the centre (instead of straddling two normal maps) for sale in the Go-Down.

Please follow the countryside code and, in particular, shut all gates behind you. We have large herds of free roaming animals inside the Wildland Project and we would like them to stay on the right side of the fence, away from the roads.

It is particularly important that you keep to public footpaths. You are legally bound to do so, but it is crucial in our rewilding project as there are areas where birds and other species may be breeding. Our grazing animals also need areas away from footpaths where they, too, can find refuge from human engagement, especially during the breeding and mating seasons.

At certain times of year, we will be culling our free-roaming fallow and red deer. There is clearly a danger here, particularly in our dense vegetation, if walkers have strayed off the footpath.

So do take care, take a map with you, look for the public footpath signposts, and ask directions if you get lost. Be aware that tracks used by our safari and service vehicles, and well-worn paths created by the animals, may not be public footpaths.

Please also respect our wildlife. Never approach or feed the animals. We need them to keep a flight distance that is safe for them and for human beings within the project.