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Snapshots from the rewilding project

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  1. White Storks: Looking at home

  2. 2018 Land Overview

  3. Buzzards coming to a feeding station

  4. the art of roaring

  5. great whites and reds wallowing

  6. a battle royal - the fight went on for over 15 min this is 6 min of that fight

  7. Roe meditation

  8. Savanna Grazing

  9. a May snowstorm

  10. Longhorns with calves at foot

  11. Little ringed plover and chick

  12. Exmoors in scrubland heven

  13. Pigs in Paddy - wet Easter weekend Knepp

  14. Geese-holes in the ice

  15. Pigs & Roots

  16. BBC Countyfile: Adam explores Knepp

  17. Knepp from the air

  18. Tamworth's socializing with stags

  19. Red stags in scrubland - Jan

  20. Let sleeping dogs lie, what about a fox

  21. Sleeping pigs - mid Jan

  22. Red Deer in Frost

  23. Red Deer stag scent marking with forehead gland

  24. Pigs and Robins

  25. Knepp Lake - going off for the morning feed

  26. Tamworth Pigs - what are they eating   

  27. Red Deer - Sex in the thistles    

  28. Red Deer - two boys getting ready for the Rut

  29. Thistle eating horses  

  30. Knepp Lake - Marsh Frogs and Reed Warblers

  31. Scrubland Birdsong 

  32. Wet Patch - Turtle Doves and Marsh Frogs

  33. Black Poplar back in the landscape 

  34. Reed Warbler on Hammer pond

  35. Geese - where do they sit in grazing ecology?  

  36. Agrippa the little owl   

  37. Red Deer in the Repton Park during the rut  

  38. Pigs "as fat as a mole" 

  39. Pigs going to bed after feasting on acorns

  40. Red deer rut in the evening sunshine

  41. Mute Swans preening 

  42. Fallow Deer Rutting 

  43. What do cows eat? 

  44. Chewing the Cud  

  45. Fallow Deer in velvet  

  46. Red Deer at Dawn   

  47. Longhorns and Sallow    

  48. Knepp Lake in glorious autumn