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old english Longhorn Cattle

Cattle are commonly used in naturalistic grazing projects, acting, in effect, as proxies for their extinct ancestor, the aurochs. Hardy, traditional breeds retain the ability to survive outside all year round. 

Red Deer Stag in the Rut Middle block Knepp Wildland.jpg


We have three species of deer, red, roe and fallow. They are our browsers, each species have different browsing techniques and heights giving us a complex vegitaion were diffrent species of animals can thrive. 


Tamworth pigs

The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 prohibits the introduction of wild boar into the project, so our Tamworth pigs have taken on the role of their indigenous forebear. An old breed, renowned for their hardiness, they have long legs and snouts, narrow backs, long bristles and a surprising ability to sprint for short distances as fast as a horse - very much like the wild boar.

Bathenon Out door bath and showers

campsite & safaris

Our campsite has a limited number of glamping units and pitches so you never feel part of the crowd. Situated in a stunning wildflower meadow on the edge of an ancient wood, and surrounded by 3,500 acres of the Knepp rewilding project, this is real wildlife camping.