Student Talks 2018

Once a year we hold a meeting where all the students that have worked on there projects on Knepp come together with their supervisors and present their findings.


Sarah Brompton - Can small-scale rewilding benefit dung beetle (Scarabaeoidea) biodiversity?             

Conclusion Overall significant difference in bio-diversity between rewilding sites and organic sites (supporting the idea that rewilding could be beneficial for dung beetle conservation).

The research strongly suggests that practices at Knepp have had a positive effect on dung beetle biodiversity, endorsing the benefits of rewilding.

Laura Koester genannt Kurwal: Does Rewilding restore soil biodiversity and function

Conclusions Doubling in soil organic carbon in rewilded areas in comparison to arable control. A similar trend for soil microbial biomass. An increase in the general fungal biomarker in rewilded areas. Rewilding could become an essential part of how we manage the landscape

Richard Beason: Investigating bird & bat activity in different habitats with acoustic monitoring

Preliminary Results a fascinating look at sound as an indicator for bird and bat activity in different habitats on Knepp.

Dr Chris Sandom presenting 3 Sussex Masters Projects on behalf of Claire Wallace, Claire Murphy and Georgina Pashler and his own work:

Vegetation Structure, Chris Sandom, Royal Society Research Grant,

Spinescence, Georgina Pashler, MRes Conservation Biology

Beetles, Claire Murphy, MRes Conservation Biology

Pollinators, Claire Wallace, MRes Conservation Biology

Managing large herbivores for biodiversity, food security and broader sustainability, Chris Sandom, Nick Balfour, Rachael Durrant, Adrian Ely, Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP)