Student Talks 2018

Once a year we hold a meeting where all the students that have worked on there projects on Knepp come together with there supervisors and present their findings.


Sarah Brompton - Can small-scale rewilding benefit dung beetle (Scarabaeoidea) biodiversity?             

Conclusion Overall significant difference in bio-diversity between rewilding sites and organic sites (supporting the idea that rewilding could be beneficial for dung beetle conservation).

The research strongly suggests that practices at Knepp have had a positive effect on dung beetle biodiversity, endorsing the benefits of rewilding.

Laura Koester genannt Kurwal: Does Rewilding restore soil biodiversity and function

Conclusions Doubling in soil organic carbon in rewilded areas in comparison to arable control. A similar trend for soil microbial biomass. An increase in the general fungal biomarker in rewilded areas. Rewilding could become an essential part of how we manage the landscape