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  Spiti Charlie on the Island of Spetses in the Soronic Gulf



Spiti (the house of) Charlie lies on the island of Spetses, the most southerly of the Saronic Islands. The island was known, before the 18th century as Pityousa, meaning "pine-clad". The name Spetses, a corruption of the Venetian "Isola di Spezzi", or "Isle of Spices", is still partially covered in aleppo pine woodland.  It has wonderful secluded small pebble bays and crystal clear water. The house is situated at the beginning of the old harbour or Palio Limani which is lined with neo-classical buildings. From Spetses you can explore the other islands of the Saronic group, like Hydra, and sites on the mainland like Mycenae and Epidavros.

How to Get There

By Sea -The nearest international airport is Athens. From Athens, you can take a taxi or the E96 Airport bus to the Port of Pireaus. The airport bus leaves every 15 mins from the airport. The bus stop is situated straight outside the Arrivals Hall. From Pireaus, you take a Flying Dolphin or Catamaran to the island of Spetses (approx 2 hours - 51 nautical miles from Piraeus). The last connections are usually quite early in the evening. Hellas Flying Dolphins - look on their web site 

By Taxi - The second way to the island of Spetses from Athens Airport is to take a taxi to the small port of Costa on the mainland opposite.  This takes about 2  1/2 hours over some very spectacular but windy roads. The rough cost in 2007 for one car is 180 euros plus tip (we can arrange for the wonderful "George" to meet you off your plane - George lives in Portoheli close to Spetses and he and his son run a taxi.  George speaks very basic English). From Costa you take a water taxi to Spetses (10 mins). Water taxis constantly cross from Costa to Spetses and in the main season are there 24 hours a day.

By Air - There is a small privately run air strip on the mainland opposite Spetses and a Heli Pad on Spetses for those that want to fly down. Helicopter trips from Athens to Spetses cost around 2000 euros for a four passengers - 2007 price.

see for more details:-  http://www.spetsesdirect.com/travel_transport 

Exploring the Island
Hire a Kaiki or Trechandri. This is the Greek name for a wooden fishing boat or day boat. You can hire one of these captained boats for day trips to any of the secluded beeches on or off Spetses. Given enough warning we can organize this for you. Alternatively, public kaikis leave for several of the bigger beaches (Zogheria, Anagiri or Paraskevi) around the island from the Dappia (the main harbour) of Spetses. You just turn up and take the boat that is going to the beach you want to go to.  It leaves when it is full.  The boat comes back a couple of times during the afternoon to return passengers to the Dapia. These beaches all have restaurants.

Hire a little speed boat and self captain it. Boat Hire from "Costa" situated west of the Dappia. Tel: 6944 548183. This is great fun but be warned that the seas around Spetses can get rough, so always ask where best to go for the time of year etc...

Hire a scooter or bicycle. There are many hire shops in the main drag in town where you can hire wheeled transport. The Island has a sealed road all the way round with easy access to many beaches. It takes about 1 - 2 hours (24km) on a bicycle to complete the trip round the island. You have to climb from sea level to about 120m (400 ft) several times - great for fitness training! There are several dirt roads that go over the top of the island climbing to its peak at 285m (935ft). One of these roads was made specially for horse drawn carriages and you pass over five wonderfully built bridges. 

Porto Heli Day trips can be done from Spetses to Portoheli where you can hire sailing boats.  One of the best water skiing lakes is just outside Porto Heli.

The Epidavros amphitheatre is a must if you are into ancient Greek sites. You can catch great performances during the summer. Getting there - by taxi from Costa to Epidavros takes about 45 min and is best to do first thing in the morning before the crowds.

Mycenae and Tyrins. A good trip to do is Epidavros in the morning and then on the Mycenae and Tiryns. Mycenae to see Agamemnon's honey-comb tomb and citadel and Tiryns just to marvel how close these two powers were to each other. This is a full day but if you haven't see them its a must. On your way back go and see the strategic Venetian town of Nafplion where you can stand on the top of the old fort for a dramatic view across the bay.

Things to see on Spetses
Spetses has had a colourful history and its aristocratic heritage is very much in evidence today. Spetsiots have been master sailors, successful merchants and in the Napoleonic Wars, skilled blockade-runners, earning huge fortunes that were poured into building lavish boats and mansions. During the 1821 War of Independence, the Spetsiots gave their best ships and bravest people to the cause, which is still remembered with pride today and commemorated in the great festival of the Armata.

Bouboulina Museum
Laskarina Bouboulina, a woman warrior-revolutionary, is still revered and celebrated in great style at the Armata celebrations held every year on the second weekend of September. The museum is worth a quick visit if only to see inside her house. It is situated just behind the Dappia. On the promenade in front of the famous Poseidonian Hotel is a statue of Bouboulina by the famous local artist Natalia Konstantinides.

Hadjiyiannis-Mexis Museum
Housed in a fine 18th century 'archontiko' Venetian style mansion, this museum contains articles highlighting Spetses splendid history. The building its self with its wonderful fire places and a stunning example of "long drop".



Emergency Numbers

The quick dial number for emergencies in Greece is 199 for Police, Fire or Accident. 

On Spetses if you need the emergency services and are a non-Greek speaking visitor, it will be easier for you to dial 199 and speak to someone in your own language to explain the emergency. 

You will be transferred to the island but your problem will have been explained first. If you have a Greek local who can call for you, it will be quicker for them to phone the service you want directly and for them to explain the emergency.


General Practitioner (GP) & First Aid

English speaking Doctors Surgery

Address: Spetses Town, Spetses Island, Greece
Postcode: 18050
Telephone: +(30) 22980


Ambulance Service on Spetses Island Greece

Emergencies only

Address: The Clinic, Spetses Town, Spetses Island, Greece
Postcode: 18050
Telephone: +(30) 22980


Clinic on Spetses Island Greece

Small clinic for residents & visitors

Address: Spetses Town (behind) Spetses Island, Greece
Postcode: 18050
Telephone: +(30) 22980 72472


There is one fire truck

Address: Spetses Town, Spetses Island, Greece
Postcode: 18050
Telephone: 199



Resident police force plus tourist police

Address: Shares OTE site at the back of Dapia (Spetses Town) Spetses Island, Greece
Postcode: 18050
Telephone: +(30) 22980 73744



Go To the Spetses Island Web Site For more information http://www.spetsesdirect.com/