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"Spiti Charlie" is a grand old Venetian-style villa in the old part of Spetses town with lovely big rooms, elaborately painted ceilings, painted wooden floors, old-fashioned iron bed-steads (with comfortable modern mattresses!) and thick walls – making it delightfully cool in the heat of summer (click here to read house rules and important Information about the house).  

It sleeps 10.  It has an enormous terrace which looks right onto the sea with a spectacular view to Mt. Didima on the mainland, and a delightful garden at the back with a wisteria-covered pergola where there is a large marble table for eating outside.  

Spiti Charlie does not have a swimming-pool but the sea is literally at the bottom of the front steps and is beautiful for swimming.

The best beaches and coves are on the other side of the island and on the further reaches of the mainland – it is easy to hire a traditional Greek caique with a boatman who will take you to these places for the day or half-day. 

Spiti Charlie’s housekeeper speaks excellent English.  She and her sister are both good cooks and, by separate arrangement, can cater for picnics, breakfast, lunches and large dinner parties.  Two hours maid-service is provided daily – additional hours on request.

Spetses is about two hours from Piraeus by catamaran (Flying Cat); and about two and a half hours’ drive from Athens international airport. 

Spetses has very few cars and travel on the island is mainly by bicycle, motorbike, horse & carriage, or by boatSpiti Charlie is a ten to fifteen minute walk from the quayside and the main town, or Dappia, where you arrive - and five minutes by horse & carriage (amaxi).  


the front terrace looks straight onto the sea


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  House Rules.....  
Spiti Charlie is a 19th century villa in the traditional Venetian style, built by the Marchetti family, with spacious rooms, elaborately painted ceilings and painted wooden floors, situated directly on the sea in the old part of town.  It has spectacular views over the sea to Mt Didyma, and is within easy walking distance of both the old harbour and the Dapia. 

We have done our utmost to make the house as comfortable as possible without detracting from its charms.  We recommend treating her, as we do, as a grand old lady with great style and hospitality, and certain endearing idiosyncrasies. 

The following provides general information and tips about the house in order to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

1.      Irini Paraskeva is our house-keeper and agent. She has worked for us for twenty years and speaks excellent English.  She’s in charge of general house maintenance.  She can also organise taxis to and from the airport, or taxis for excursions to Epidavros and Mycenae.  If you have any queries or problems, she will field them. 

2.      Rental includes two hours’ cleaning daily, seven days a week.  Sheets will be changed twice a week unless otherwise requested. 

3.      If you require any extra cleaning for the house or someone to do washing and ironing during your stay, please let Irini know in advance so she can organise this.  The cost is usually around 8 Euro/hour (rates for 2009). 

4.      Irini is a good cook and can cater for most things from large dinner parties to picnics.  All cooking and food shopping etc should be made by separate arrangement with Irini. 

5.      The kitchen will be stocked with essentials for your arrival:  eggs, bread, butter, milk, fruit, water, tea, coffee etc.  There are supermarkets and grocery stores nearby that will deliver to the house.  The Cava sells wine, beer and spirits and will also deliver to the house – just say ‘Spiti Charlie’. 

6.      Please don’t use the griddle on the left hand side of the cooker as it marks the wall badly.  See notes on how to use the dishwasher on quick cycle – this will save an hour and a half! 

7.      Water has always been a treasured commodity on Spetses.  It is brought to the island daily by boat.  Where possible, please use the washing-machines on a quick cycle and only when they have a full load.  The washing-machines are in the outhouse in the garden, where there is also a solar-heated shower.  (The garden is irrigated using rainwater stored in the cistern under the terrace.) 

8.      Please do not move furniture in the house.  Most of our breakages occur when furniture is moved, and the painted floors also get scratched.  If you really require something to be moved, please ask Irini first. 

9.      The walls of the house are very thick and designed to keep the house cool in summer.  We do not have air-con but free-standing electric fans are provided for every bedroom. 

10.  Please distinguish between towels for use in the house, and beach towels. 

11.  Take care with the mosquito nets if you are using them as they tear easily.  

12.  In the winter, there are electric heaters for the bedrooms.  Additional duvets and blankets are stored in the laundry room.  Fire-wood is stored in the cellar under the steps on the front terrace. 

13.  The house has wireless internet access. Your computer should automatically connect with the wireless system.  If you have any problems, refer to the IP address given in the house file.  There is a printer if you need it – please ask Irini. 

14.  Local calls can be made on the landline telephone but please do not use it for international calls.  The OTE pin code for retrieving messages left on the landline is ...... 

15.  Please put rubbish in large dustbin sacks in the dustbins outside the utility room in the garden, making sure the lids are on securely otherwise stray cats will tear them apart.  Vasili, the gardener, takes away the rubbish in the morning.  Unfortunately there is – as yet - no recycling in Spetses. 

16.  The bath in the downstairs bathroom has a tendency to flood the floor when it is draining away; so if you have a bath please could you open the plug half way to allow the water to drain away slowly.  This will prevent flooding.  There’s no problem using the shower.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Spiti Charlie!

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