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           February 2013

Wet Wet Wet, River Adur, Carp, Weathervane, Tree Platforms, Footpath repairs. Nightingales results and Cull Cow beef

Newsletters from 2012


          December 2012

Julie's Birthday, a wet year, apple failure, 25 barn owls tagged, Opening Meet, fish taken out of the lake

          September 2012

Charlie's 50th Birthday, Chris Ogden, Swallows finished

           July 2012

Cattle handling, open garden, 32 breeding pairs of nightingales, Jubilee party, boat race on the lake

           May 2012

Dry spring, Lapwing, Carriages at Knepp, Temple Grandin, Sherwood Hovel restored, apple pruning and Brands Hatch

           February 2012

Bette Sawyer passed away, Hannah Welsh joined, Crab Tree Platt SNCI, Wildlife Monitoring Meeting, Livestock News, Shipley School Gardening Club

Newsletters from 2011


           November 2011

River Restoration, St Catherine’s, Countryfile, Big Volunteer Day, Lake Dredging Project, Meadow Restoration

           September 2011

A24 Tree Cutting, Staff party, Beef Sales, Elkie Concert, Dragon Boat Race, St Catharine's Gift Fair, Temple Granding, Ragwort

           May 2011

Some Tragic News -It is with great sadness that we report that Peter Miller dies, Some Happier News – Congratulations to Ben and Holly, Weirdest Spring Ever, Hedge Laying & Planting

           February 2011

Skating, Bust Pipes, River Adur, Bird Hide, Wassailing, Hedge laying, Ben's engagement, Ivy Jeszke.... 

Newsletters from 2010


           December 2010

More Snow, Repairs to 75 Swallows, bridleway repairs, Apple Day, Public access, tree fodder day, re seeding CFS....

           September 2010

Pat's wedding, Picnic concert, Camargue, Biomass production, Church Farm North Fencing...

           July 2010

Pat's wedding, Picnic concert, Camargue, Biomass production, Church Farm North Fencing...

           April 2010

Shipley Apples, Education, Restore with Bats in mind, Ben's famous window, Volunteer day next Sept., Laybrook, pound Building project...

           February 2010

Xmas Party, New wetlands, Eels and Elvers, Matchetts Barn restoration, Volunteer projects,  "snowmageddon"
Newsletters from 2009 1

           November 2009

The Rut, Cattle News, Lake Dredging Project, The Opening Meet, Wildlife Surveys, Volunteer Projects, Aerial Survey, New footpaths

           September 2009

lots of monitoring, restoration of the long barn at Bentons, Tree Yeti, Fostering partridge chicks, Laybrook

           July 2009

Pat has new baby, Artie Martin works at Knepp, education visits, TROT Group come, new to West Sussex Orchids, Laybrook Landfill, Partridge Chicks

           May 2009

Finishing of the Deer Fence, arrival of the Longhorn herd for New Barn, David Hill, research & monitoring, Conservation volunteers

           February 2009

Cuckoo Barn completion, frozen lake, Wildland project fence, lots of flooding
Newsletters from 2008 1

           November 2008

Sir Raymond's memorial, new park, public access, Teddy Emrich, Dial Post residents visit and River Adur project

            August 2008

Sir Raymond dies, Welcome Patrick Toe, Marco Pierre White ITV show, Steering Group Visit and phase 4 gets the go-ahead.

            May 2008

Bob heads for France, Kelly and Val leave, Walled garden gets started, lake dredging and Trot.
          February 2008

Carole leaves after 34 years, Planting Tenchford, Marco Pierre White Comes to Knepp, Planning Permission for buildings at Pound farm and the appearance of a little egret.

Newsletters from 2007 1
          November 2007

Burrell gathering, staff barbie, St Catherine's Charity day, foot and mouth restrictions, trips from 7 organizations to see the re-wilding scheme, TB testing, restoration of Tumble Down Barn and lots of Pork and beef produced.

          July 2007

Nancy makes Head Girl, Simon Hillary starts as Gardener, Julie Bateman raises £130k for School, National Trust comes to Knepp, 25 Barn Owlets ringed, Beaver man visits from Bavaria.


          May 2007

Bob Gets engaged to Steph, First Piglet, Wildland Network workshop, timber sales, Castle repairs, say good buy to Richard Hillary, Shipley Parrish open day invite


          March 2007

Eddy Tilly, Fleur Holmes, Clair Young and Spike, Brimstone, Lapwings, Black Poplar planting, Charlie's sculpture, Organic farming, Wildland Conference


          January 2007

Riparian planting, Valentine arriving from the Wealden Downland Museum, The Opening Meet, fireplace, Old Keepers restoration

Newsletters from 2006 1
October 2006 TB testing, Barn Owl Boxes, Karen leaves, lake midge survey, first Exmoor foal
August 2006 3 new babies, fishing charity, Polo raises £45k for Charity, works to the Castle and lake dredging
May 2006 5 Barn Owls hunting, work in the woods, wild bird seed mix, new longhorn herd established at Pondtail Farm, Welcome to Mark and Saff Holms 
February 2006 The Death of Ken Dean, the birth of Mia Line, Farwell to Jesper and Fiona, Welcome Richard Hillery, Clay Pigeon Championship, thinning woodland
Newsletters from 2005 1
November 2005 The death of Edith and Helen, The Rut, The Opening Meet and the end of the Polo season, 
August 2005 Pete Butcher Retires, ban on Fox hunting, Craft Fair, Releasing English Partridges and Ragwort