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Conservation Produce


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Knepp Castle 'Wild Range' longhorn beef is a step beyond even Conservation Grade or organic beef.  The herds at Knepp are raised on a 'naturalistic' system - which means they are allowed to range freely in blocks of over a thousand acres of varied 'wildland' habitat incorporating open pastures, dense scrub, water meadows, woods, streams and ponds.  They forage as they would in the wild, feeding on a complexity of over 250 organic herbs and grasses, browsing on shrubs and leaves when they feel like it.  They are managed with minimal human intervention, spending their entire lives outside, in family groups, weaning their calves naturally - usually after a year or more.  The masterchef Heston Blumenthal reckons longhorn is the best tasting beef in the world.  Knepp Castle's slow-grown, stress-free, wild-ranging, naturally-reared longhorn beef - matured on the bone by us for 28 days - takes this taste to another dimension. 

Wild range Tamworth pigs and fallow deer are free to roam their entire lives in 2400 acres of parkland, foraging as they would in the wild, in the autumn, feasting on a bounty of acorns dropped from our famous Sussex oaks. Our animals are naturally slow-growing and the young can suckle for as long as nature intended. Our meat is as natural as you can get - and therefore particularly tender and full of flavour, and hopefully appealing to the ethical consumer.

Health Benefits - Perhaps most importantly these days is the evidence that Grass Fed beef contains fewer calories and a lower proportion of saturated fats than those of animals on grain-based rations.  Equally important, they supply more omega-3 fatty acids and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid); their fats actually can protect health. (Ref Graham Harvey: The Carbon Fields) Also read this short article Grass Fed Meat is Good

Further reading - You also might like to read an article the National Trust have written on the argument of cattle producing green house gas emissions and contributing between 10 to 18% of human-related emissions overall. What's Your Beef?

Beef - Our longhorn herds of cattle are organic and we are now retailing them through Gil & Paul Martin's Garlic Wood Farm  which specialises in supplying meat from Conservation Grazing Projects like ours and the Wildlife Trusts. Our wonderful product is being retailed direct to customers during the autumn of 2011 and anyone interested in more details should contact or go to the Garlic Wood Farm website

Pork - we don't know of anywhere else where pigs roam free over 1500 acres of grass fields, woods and rivers; foraging for grubs and roots in the winter and grazing in the summer with no artificial feed.  Each autumn we take a harvest from our little herd and make some wonderful air-dried ham to rival Serrano! There is no surplus pork for sale this autumn but we hope to have some available in 2012.

Venison - each year we cull, using expert marksmen, a number of fallow deer in the park for the sustainable management of the herd, and occasionally roe deer elsewhere on the Estate.  The resulting venison - wild-reared and entirely chemical-free - is quite superb and naturally tender.  We wholesale most of our venison to Chanctonbury Game in Washington, a neighbouring game dealer, who sells our produce in local farmers markets, but we hope soon to be retailing some through Garlic Wood Farm.  If anyone is interested in purchasing some, please contact

All orders or interest and further information is via Jason at the estate office 01403 741235 / or alternatively try