old knepp castle

Written and researched by Dr Annabelle Hughes

Time Line
1086DB W William de Braose (1) lord of Bramber Rape
1154 Se1e William de Braose (2) enlarged park of Knepp
cll60 Cowd "wood between the new bridge & la Knappe"
1181 KFI "old park beyond the stream which bounds Shipley towards the North"
1202 FF5O ref: park of William de Braose (3) in 'vill de la Cnappe'
1206 SAC 1st visit by King John
1208 William de Braose fell from favour
1209 SAC 2nd visit by King John
121O 9 royal carpenters-repairs & chimney built
1211 SAC 3rd visit by King John
1212-16 SAC Letters bet King John & Bloet
1214 Further repairs; Henry fitzBaldwin, keeper of hounds
1215 4th visit by King John; constable; Queen Isabella stayed; Hugh de Neville stayed
1218 Cal King Henry III visited
c1228 ref: chapel of la Knepp
1230 FF239 ref: park of John de Braose & heirs "de la Cnappe"
1234 King Henry III gift of 15 does from park to archbp Cant. (constable)
1249 FF450 Mansell ISavage: ref. meadow bet 'vicar's causeway de la Knappe' & church of WG
1254 Se1e Grant to Sele made at Knepp by Win de Braose
1254 - 76 Sele Refs Crochurst gate (?Cripplegate) & park hedge
1280 William de Braose (5) stayed
1282 SAC Grant of meadow (le Smithie) to Sele by John & Emma de la Cnap
1295 hares, rabbits, pheasants & herons in park
1308 SAC Templar inquisitions (order ejected from England: inc. duty to maintain a length of park fencing
1315 / 6 SAC Grant of Knepp
1323 / 4SAC Grant of Knepp
1324 SAC King Edward II visited : rooms itemised
1326 William de Braose (6) dec: watermill in park; 1000 acres +87 acres farmland
prel33O Pasturing of cattle, swine etc: Wm de Braose > John of Ifield
1330 gate near 'court' of William of Knepp
1352 / 3 SAC ref: park at Knappe (John Mowbray)
1368 castle 'built like a fortress'
1369 SAC keeper @ 2dpd+ house (Wm de Green)
1384 King Richard 11 visited
1387 SAC Sir William de Fifhide holding Bramber castle and the park & 'close' of Knappe
1398 Keeper Wm Roger
1399 Stone walls excluded from maintenance; king's serj. appointed keeper
1400 Keeper = John Pilton
1403/4 SAC Elizabeth (widow / of Duke of Norfolk) & husband Sr John Goushill held Knappe
by 1409 +62 acres arable
1408~24 ACM composite courts
1435/61 ACM Appmt Sr Edward & Lady Neville as supervisors of Knepp Park
1446 Keeper = John Penycoke
1447 keeper @ 3d p d
1449 Keeper = William Burrell
1476 keeper @ 4d p d
1497 / 8 ACM comp. courts
by 1498 +9 acres meadow & marshland
early 1500s Duke of Norfolk gift of does from park to abbess of Syon
1506/7 ACM comp courts
1507 steward of household; castle gate
1529 Keeper William Burrell; 93 deer dead of murrain (foot and mouth?)
1539 Cor Fatal accident at castle
1547 still enclosed with pale
1549 / 54 leases by Thos West, de la Warre
1549 SAC Inc. in Chesworth inventory: 2 keepers & stock
by 1610 disparked & enclosed
1655 Cowd Bentons sale inc. Stock Park, Swallows Mead & Tenchford
1712 Cowd Marr.settmt (Caryll): disused park called Knepp Park
1766 ACM Act: estate of Jn Wicker (of Horsham) inc. manor of Knepp
1764 Material from site used for turnpike construction
1775 View: Grose, vol 3
177Os Grimm drawings: Knepp Castle & pond
1780LT Jacob Rider: 9 tenants
1788LT Sr Charles Rayman (sic) & 9 tenants
1789LT Sr William Burrell
c1805 Petrie drawing
1822LT 3 tenants
1826LT 2 tenants (Pondtail & Renches)
1622-1915 Burrell mss Court book inc. 1834 rental