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Knepp is a 3,500 acre (1400 hectares) Estate in West Sussex just south of Horsham - to see the location map click here.

The Estate has been owned by the Burrells for over 220 years.  At its heart, overlooking Knepp Lake, is a castle built by the architect John Nash, which remains the family home. 

Until recently most of the land on the Estate was devoted to traditional arable and dairy farming but in 2001 we shifted our focus entirely and embarked on a series of regeneration and restoration projects aimed primarily at nature conservation and a less intensive way of meat production wildland project.  

On this site you can access information about all our activities, including forestry field sports, recreation and education, as well as the ongoing Knepp Conservation Projects, what they’re about and why we’re doing them.  Our Latest News link has information about events in the wider locality as well as on Knepp itself. There is an opportunity to air your views and comments on Feedback.  We have a thriving Polo Club; visit our web site above for all the latest news and information.

As part of the Wildland Project we offer various Education Services and would encourage school teachers and group leaders to take a look at this section where we suggest various field trips to Knepp that tie in with the national curriculum. There is scope too for undergraduate and postgraduate research projects to be carried out at Knepp.

The Estate has a large portfolio of properties with a wide variety of cottages, houses, offices and light industrial units, and also stables.  You can view what is currently available for rent on Property Rental.   

We also have several sites for hire for corporate and private functions, such as a single storey barn equipped to a high standard for catering, and a wonderful site within the park for weddings.  See Venue Hire.

We are aiming to develop the market for our wild-range meat and retail our produce through Garlic Wood Farm. If you are interested in trying our wild-range meat or would like to try top quality organic meat from the Garlic Wood Farm online web site please click here. If you would like to know more about our wild-range follow this weblink

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Knepp Castle Estate Office, Knepp Castle, West Grinstead, 
West Sussex, RH13 8LJ

Telephone : +44 (0) 1403 741235

Fax : +44 (0) 1403 741361

Email : enquiries@knepp.co.uk


Knepp Wildland Project

Year 10 for the re-wilding project

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Written by Theresa Greenaway November 2011.