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Documents relating to Frans Vera's theory "Grazing Ecology and Forest History"



The song of the Dodo

Dr. Frans W. M. Vera



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‘Islands’ in Holocene forests: Implications for Forest Openness, Landscape Clearance and ‘Culture-Steppe’ Species

by Nicki J. Whitehouse and David N. Smith


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Mind the gap: how open were European primeval forests?

H. John B. Birks



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How open were European primeval forests? Hypothesis testing using palaeoecological data.

Fraser J G Mitchell


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Down to the woods yesterday

Peter D. Moore



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Ant Hills in Acid Grassland

Nigel Reeve for the Royal Parks


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Reconciling Nature and Human Interests

Advice of the International Committee on the Management of large herbivores in the Oostvaardersplassen (ICMO)


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